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Sustainable Solutions for Older Toys

The Village Toy Share strives to keep this world eco-friendly and fun by providing an easy to use platform which gives caregivers the ability to borrow and lend out toys and games safely. Help eliminate global toy waste, reduce clutter, and save on toys costs!

Signing up for The Village Toy Share gives you access to an incredible network of caregivers and their toys, as well as a convenient way to donate to a reputable charity when your children are no longer interested in them.


1.  Sign up and add your toys.

2. Search for your favorites and make an offer.

3. Print your shipping label, ship, and enjoy!

Simply pick your favorites, have them shipped to your address, and let the fun times begin!

Because we all know the toys that make it to the toy room or closet eventually get discarded. Let’s share instead!


Keep your child stimulated by trading your toys within the vast Village Toy Share community. The possibilities are endless.


Choose and borrow a themed Play Box packed with toys and have it sent ahead to grandma’s house or even ahead of that family trip (or anywhere your little one’s heart desires).


Give your toys new life by donating to a charitable cause in as little as two clicks.


Claim your precious space back by creating a fun themed Play Box with your toys and making it available to the Village Toy Share community.

Service Options


Make a child smile and sign up starting today!

We back all of this up with an easy-to-use system, excellent customer support, and our 100% satisfaction guarantee.


Can I save money on my toy expenses by using The Village Toy Share?

The average American family spends almost $400 per year….per child…on just toys. No need to break out the calculator’s for this one!

Can I cancel at anytime?

Absolutely. You can easily cancel your membership at any time. Simply return your toys to the rightful owner to avoid any fees. Cancel before you make any transactions to receive a full refund.

I don't own any toys, but I would love to be able to borrow. Is that an option?

It surely is! There’s a plan just for you; a Play Box is what you’re looking for. Think of it as a toy rental.

How long do I get to keep the toys?

All trades and Play Box agreements are for 30 days, with 10 trades per calendar year. 10 trades not enough? Don’t worry, earn your way to even more!

Can The Village Toy Share help me keep shipping costs down if I choose a plan which doesn't include free shipping?

We know often shipping costs can be a deal breaker. The Village Toy Share has implemented an integrated shipping solution, giving you the freedom to choose what shipping option works best for you. Get real time shipping rates, create, and buy labels from the leading carriers…all without having to leave the site!


Want perfectly sanitized toys for your little ones?

We know it’s kind of a big deal! After all, we are parents too. We provide a guide that will ensure that all toys distributed on the Village Toy Share adhere to a sanitization policy tough enough to stand up to all national standards.

Please select your home state to check if the Village Toy Share service is available.

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